AM Transmission


The most modern, reliable AM transmitters in the world. Proven low power single-phase AC transmitters. Compact, single-phase AC, rack-mount transmitter.

NX Series: Modern, Efficient, Digital High Power

For the full NX Series line and Product Specs, click here.

AM precorrection, unmatched linearity

Industry’s top efficiency: 90% on 100+ kW transmitters

1.8 MHz direct digital modulation (NX300: 2.7 MHz)

17″ touch screen on 25+ kW transmitters

100% remote web access to the user interface

RF and audio spectrum analyzer

Trimode: Analog, HD Radio®, all DRM modes

The new standard in compact MW design

From 3 kW to 2 MW

XR Series: Powerful Building Block

For the full XR Series line and Product Specs, click here.

Extra power

Operating Convenience

Digital Performance Advantages

Single phase power

Automatic Standby

Unattended Operation

Maximum Redundancy

Power outputs: 3 kW and 6 kW

J1000: Great Things Really Do Come In Small Packages

For Product Specs about the J1000, click here.

Redundant Architecture

Excellent Sound Quality

Built-in Scheduler

Single Phase Power

Simple Frequency Change

Plug and Play

Compact and Lightweight

Convenience Operation

Kintronic Labs

Bringing Broadcast and Wireless Solutions to the World.

Antenna Tuning Unit

Our ATUs are custom designed to fit your system specifications. Please connect with us to let us know what you need and we will get the information to you. A brochure of the ATU will be sent to you as we gather the information that you need, but in case you would like to download a copy for yourself, please feel free to click here.

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Canadian based, Davicom, can help you keep your mind at ease about your sites. From controlling and monitoring transmitter sites to surveillance of electrical and water usage (utilities), even ensuring Public Safety by maintaining system integrity and coverage 24/7/365 Davicom can monitor it all!

With the state of the art sensors that Davicom uses, your station can be prepared for the typhoons and lightning that may come, saving and helping with the longevity of your equipment as well as your station.

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For a full list of equipment (hardware and software), sensors, accessories, etc, click here.