TV Transmission

JM Broadcast

Based and manufactured in Korea, you have the choice between Liquid Cooled or Air Cooled Transmister.
Air cooled: 150W – 2.5kW
Liquid cooled: 1.2W – 6kW

Supporting Standard: ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0, ISDB-T, DVB-T2, DAB/DMV (VHF BIII)
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Product Sheet click here.

Alive Telecom

Based and manufactured in the USA, Alive Telecom produces low to high power VHF & UHF slot or panel antennas in horizontal or elliptical polarization with multiple coverage options at various elevation gains. To help determine which antenna fits your project, please contact us or visit the Alive Spec Generator.

ATC-BCX Coaxial Slot Antenna
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Australia based and manufactured, Jasmos is a digital RF Power Monitoring System.

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Canadian based, Davicom, can help you keep your mind at ease about your sites. From controlling and monitoring transmitter sites to surveillance of electrical and water usage (utilities), even ensuring Public Safety by maintaining system integrity and coverage 24/7/365 Davicom can monitor it all!

With the state of the art sensors that Davicom uses, your station can be prepared for the typhoons and lightning that may come, saving and helping with the longevity of your equipment as well as your station.

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