Marti STL transmitters and companion receivers form a high-quality, point-to-point radio communications link.

Marti STL. For more information click here.

Marti STL transmitters provide the value and features demanded by today’s broadcasters.

Marti STL receivers are equipped with a multimeter and meter select switch for the monitoring of signal level, subcarrier level, power supply voltage, and program output level parameters.


Starlink SL9003Q

STARLINK SL9003Q / SL9003QHPS. For more information, click here.

Digital Audio Transport

2, 4, 6, and 8 Channel Models

HD Radio™ Ready

Repeaters Offer Extended Range

Analog and Digital I/O

Built by Moseley

Starlink SL9003T1

Starlink SL9003T1. For more information, click here.

Digital Audio Transport

HD Radio™ Ready

Analog and Digital I/O

Intelligent Multiplexer

High Payload Capacity

Built by Moseley

Lanlink HS-900D

Lanlink HS-900D. For more information, click here.

HD Radio
Mirrored Servers
IP-Based Equipment Control
Transmitter Remote Control Security
Internet and E-mail 

Event 5800

Event 5800. For more information, click here.

Multi-Station Clusters
LAN/WAN Extension To Site
Carrier Class Transport
Software Defined Indoor Unit & Outdoor Unit
Quick To Deploy
Uncompressed Is Best
Return On Investment


Topanga. For more information, click here.

Five Watt Transmitter Output
User adjustable
Amazing Audio Specs
Simplex Ethernet Channel RS-232 Channels
Full Metering, Diagnostics & Control on Front Panel
Web Browser Interface for Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control of Radio