Axel Technology

Founded in 1996 in Bologna by Giuseppe Vaccari, who brought his 25-year experience in the international broadcast field, Axel Technology is the Italian premier company in manufacturing professional radio and television broadcast solutions. Since the beginning, Axel’s key to development and success has been technology and innovation, together with the know-how of the skilled 50+ staff members.

DJPro Enterprise/DJPro Classic.
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DJPro Enterprise

DJPro Enterprise is a software designed to accomplish radio automation for all the workflow process, from inlet to audio recording, editing, scheduling, final on-the-air broadcasting, logging and certification of all the audio/data operations.

DJPro Classic

DJPro Classic perfectly matches the needs both of big structured radio network and of regional and local ones. More than 1500 radio broadcasters all over the world choose DJPro Classic for private and public radio stations.

Ram-Comm. Advertising Management Software for TV/Radio Stations.
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RAM-COMM is the essential tool for the company’s management to keep the business always under control. Due to the vast availability of its specific electronic and printed reports and statistics, RAM-COMM RADIO is the best tool to manage and to optimize the business of your company; it provides a clear, updated and objective outlook in order to allow the sales manager to take all the most effective commercial initiatives and policy decisions.