Found 30 years ago and based in Taiwan, Datavideo has spread globally, with subsidiaries in America, England, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, and China. With regional offices in North America, Europe, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia, and a global network of distributors, Datavideo delivers full support to resellers, end users and integrators.

Datavideo brings high-end product features to customers that want cost-effective solutions, broadcast-quality performance and class-leading reliability. In a fast-changing market with ever-increasing demands, Datavideo’s innovative solutions – developed in-house – enable users to invest in the latest technology at affordable prices.

GO-650 Studio. Complete Studio On The Go.
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GO-650 Studio

Imagine if all your video production equipment fit inside one portable case. It would make transporting your equipment from one job to the next a lot easier. GO-650 STUDIO is an all in one kit that comes with
a SE-650 video switcher, TLM-102 dual monitor for preview and program, NVS-25 streaming encoder, and HDR-1 H.264 USB recorder all racked, connected, and packed in a rugged hard case. What more do
you need other than some cameras, which is where the 2 Camera GoKit comes in. Pair these two GoKits together and you can have a completed video production workflow. Because of the portability of these GoKits, they are ideal for various applications such as worship, live events, seminars, school sporting events, and corporate presentations.

Application: Worship. Many small worship productions need portability because some share the building with another organization, so the need for their video equipment to be easy to pack and transport is required. GO-650 STUDIO Kit is the perfect solution for this application because of its compact design and portability.

Application: Live Events. Easily roll into your production location with the GO-650 STUDIO Kit. All you need to do is pull out the entire rack with all the equipment connected from the case and you’ll be ready to go within seconds. Once the event is over, you can pack it up just as easily as you set it up.