We are proud to be partners with such amazing companies and organizations who see customers as friends and family.

Established in 1969, Nautel has over 50 years experience in creating highly innovative products and has earned a reputation as a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales, and support of high power, solid-state RF products for radio broadcast, navigation, sonar, and industrial applications.


Established in 1995, JM Broadcast is a manufacturer of equipment for the Television and Radio Broadcasting Markets. In 1999, with the cooperation of LG Electronic, JM Broadcast developed their own Digital Television Transmitter/Translator. JM Broadcast is the first manufacturer of Korean broadcasting equipment and is currently producing equipment worldwide, including the Philippines. “Our 20 years of engineering experience results in a quality product and high performance.” 

A global supplier of communications equipment, systems, and services, Alive Telecom is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality workmanship, service response, and professionalism, to its clients. Alive Telecom strives to have the best customer service to the point that they have generated a cool tool, called the Antenna System Spec Generator.

Shively Labs was founded in 1963 by radio electronic pioneer, Ed Shively. Ed was instrumental in the development of FM and TV antennas and combiners for RCA, and later Dielectric Communications, where he served as head of its research and development team. The combination of Shively’s innovative RF engineering capabilities with Howell’s experience designing to demanding Military Specifications and manufacturing under tight process controls has given Shively an uncommon ability to manufacture broadcast antennas for the world’s most extreme weather environments. As numerous happy customers here in the Philippines can confirm, Shively Antennas are made to withstand even some of the most brutal winds we have in the Philippines. 

Tieline Technology is an established technology provider that manufactures the world’s most advanced radio and television codecs that transmit FM quality audio, communications and data over IP and other network transports. Tieline codecs are the only ones in the world that are capable of sending digitally encoded audio over 3G/4G wireless networks, IP/Internet networks, standard POTS/PSTN telephone lines, ISDN, X.21, satellite (ISDN and IP) and GSM connections. 

In the mid-1990s, Davicom started producing and commercializing the first generation of its Remote Monitoring and Control Systems. From the very beginning, these unique systems were designed, developed and maintained by Comlab with a single objective in mind: to provide the broadcast and telecommunications industries with an efficient & intelligent monitoring and control system for their remote transmission sites. Davicom systems are used worldwide by industry leaders such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Bell Mobility, stations of the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as well as Environment Canada’s Weather-Radio Network, as well as numerous stations in the Philippines. 

WHEATSTONE CORPORATION offers engineering services in the field of hardware and software for the generation, control and distribution of multiple data signals over local and extended area digital networks. Let our sales engineers work with you to design your broadcast audio facility so it works the way you want it to. As Broadcast Audio Perfectionists, Wheatstone is up to the task, whether you need a simple two or three studio station or are a broadcast conglomerate building a large regional complex with multiple stations and dozens and dozens of rooms. They are musicians and broadcasters and audio engineers. They design. They build. They make changes. They add features. They tweak. They push themselves as fast and as hard as they can to bring their individual and collective vision to the industry. They see every day, not as a finish line, but the day we strive to push the bar even higher through innovation. They are audio enthusiasts to the very core and are totally committed to an idea that we call the Wheatstone project. 

Moseley Broadcast designs and manufactures wireless communications equipment for the Radio and Television Broadcast industries, as well as custom-configured voice/data networking applications. Moseley products are in service in over 120 countries and are actively represented in 75 countries worldwide. 

The MYAT manufacturing process begins with careful materials selection. We use only the purest copper and silver. Designers work with the latest generation CAD/CAM software and most advanced machining equipment to ensure precise results. Then every rigid line section and component is thoroughly inspected and tested before it’s released for shipment. This high level of quality assurance is recognized by RF design engineers of the U.S. Navy who specify MYAT components for their most advanced airborne radar systems. 

Kintronic Labs, a global leader of radio broadcast antenna systems, is committed to satisfying its customer requirements in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner by implementing a quality policy that aims to continuous improvement. Kintronic Labs is a family owned business, and their values closely align with Broadcast World. 

Innovation, research, and development are the main sources of a competitive presence in the worldwide market. Axel Technologys equipment and solutions are present in over 120 nations thanks also to a widespread sales network. Axel Technology is the leading Manufacturer Italian Broadcasting company for professional radio and television solutions since 1996.

Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed encoding devices to enable fast and reliable video contribution with just a click of a button. In combination with our LinkMatrix web platform, a video feed is published on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. The LinkMatrix enables the creation of playlist and live switching turning Facebook and YouTube into a full broadcast channel. Mobile Viewpoint supports the latest H.265 video encoding technology which enables the highest quality possible quality using the lowest bandwidth and our award-winning bonding technology.


LaON has achieved the most exclusive and innovative all-in-one solution that is Low latency, Low power consumption, Non-compressed High-quality audio, Multi-channel broadcasting, Simultaneous two-way communications, Audio breakups compensation, Secured communication with AES 256bit, and scalable and stable coverage for wireless intercom communications.

As media products become more complex, Yellowtec focuses on intuitive solutions. Making your work a little easier and your environment a little more elegant – that’s Yellowtec’s goal! Yellowtec knows better than anyone that the purpose of innovation is to make the user experience easier. Over the years, Yellowtec has found that equipment decisions in the broadcast market are often driven more by pragmatism than by the desire to find the ideal product. This is what motivates Yellowtec to pursue only the best ideas for new product design, in order to bring the ideal product to market. With decades spent working closely with media professionals, Yellowtec’s comprehensive approach fuels the creation of insightful product lines that give the media industry what it really desires – and what it deserves. 

As methods of broadcasting evolve and technologies change, Inovonics continues to provide high quality, easy to use, cost-effective designs for the broadcast professional. Inovonics never overlooks what really matters: the basics. Great service, ease of use, fair prices, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.

CommScope is at the forefront of shaping infrastructure, products, and solutions that enhance people’s lives. “We make communication faster, easier and more efficient for today’s always-on world.”

Founded 30 years ago and based in Taiwan, Datavideo has spread globally, with subsidiaries in America, England, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, and China. Datavideo brings high-end product features to customers that want cost-effective solutions, broadcast-quality performance, and class-leading reliability. In a fast-changing market with ever-increasing demands, Datavideo’s innovative solutions – developed in-house – enable users to invest in the latest technology at affordable prices.

For many broadcasters, the Marti name is synonymous with remote gear. Just about every station has owned a “Marti” at one time or another to carry remote broadcasts back to the studio.  Marti Electronics, Inc. was formally established in 1960 to manufacture RPUs. Additional products added to the Marti line over the decades include microwave studio-to-transmitter links (STLs) and antennas. In 1994, the company was sold to Broadcast Electronics to continue its tradition of quality manufacturing and support.

For more than 30 years, Artel Video Systems has been a leading global provider of broadcast-quality media transport solutions for direct fiber, IP, and managed optical networks. A pioneer in the industry, Artel developed the first commercially available video-over-fiber video transport platform.

Jasmos. Simple. Common. Sense. Digital RF Power Monitoring System. The JSMS 8145-001-RFD Broadcast RF Detector was designed to allow monitoring, and data delivery using proven automation industry standards. The sensor operates over a 50dB dynamic range with a frequency bandwidth of 40–850MHz, and can handle both analog and digital modulation schemes, with the ability to measure average and limited peak power.